COVID-19 Coronavirus Action Plan

Author: Regional Fire And Security Systems |

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Hello all,

We have contacted Health Canada regarding any mask requirements many times in the past week with no reply. We are being told by many suppliers we have contacted that masks with the N95 rating will not be sold to the general public as they are being distributed to hospitals etc. We are also being told the masks should only be used for those who have cough like symptoms or have the virus.

We have contacted all suppliers we could for hand sanitizer along with cities farther north in cottage country and are awaiting stock availability. Our technicians are required to let us know of any cold and flu symptoms immediately and contact Health Canada and self-isolate if required by heath officials. They will be not attending and jobsites until cleared by health officials.

We are distributing non-sterile gloves to our employees to be used during the day. They will remove and dispose of the gloves during the lunch hours, wash their hands with soap and re-apply a new set of gloves once finished and continue working. They will also wipe down testing equipment/tools at days end.

We ask management for the following during annual in-suite inspections.

  • Notices that we will be entering the units must be sent in advance asking any unit owners with any flew like symptoms to report their suite to the office. We will require a list of those suites sent to our office prior to visiting the site so we may avoid those units for the time being.
  • Any staff working at the building that may have the same flu issues must be reported to our Office prior to service/inspections.
  • We request that Manager’s that would like to cancel annual suite inspections/repairs scheduled, that they send a cancellation request at least 1 week prior if possible.

Technicians in good health will continue services to our customers for regular services or emergency services as we are taking all precautions to avoid the virus. We will keep you updated on any further precautions as soon as we hear back from Heath Canada on the best way to keep the spread under control for our industry.

At the moment, none of the staff at Regional Fire and Security Systems have any symptoms and are in good health. We should all do our part and please let us know if you have any input that may help contain this virus. We are open to any suggestions.