A Complete Checklist To Performing An Annual Fire Inspection

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At Regional Fire and Security Systems, we understand that performing an annual fire inspection can be quite a challenge. Fire inspections can be viewed as a dangerous and stressful or laborious task, but with a little preparation, you can breeze through the inspection with little to no inconvenience.

As experts in fire alarms and security systems in the GTA, we’ve created a handy checklist to help you focus on the fundamentals of fire safety and prepare you for an inspection. Follow our complete checklist to perform an annual fire inspection. 

1. Perform your annual fire inspection on or before your last scheduled date to avoid attracting fines from the fire inspector.

2. Make sure you schedule access to all suites, hydro vaults, mail rooms, and elevator shafts so the inspectors can check them without inconvenience.

3. Call the monitoring station and fire department to inform them of the time during which your premises will be tested.

4. Send security or other escorts along with the fire technicians while testing goes on in the suites.

5. Once the testing is completed for the day, make sure the monitoring station and fire department are made aware that your systems are now back in service.

If you have any concerns about your building’s annual fire inspection, reach out to Regional Fire and Security Systems. We help you understand the value of the inspection and how you can meet fire codes, standards, and ordinances in your jurisdiction. We specialize in fire alarms and security systems in the Greater Toronto Area for all types of high-rise and commercial buildings. Moreover, with over thirty-five years of experience in fire and security system installation and design, we are qualified to address your questions, concerns, and fire safety needs.

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