Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Alarm Inspections

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For your fire alarm to stay reliable through the years, it’s essential to have it inspected regularly. However, when it comes to fire alarm inspections, there are a ton of questions clients have but often find answers difficult to come by.

Regional Fire and Security Systems wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you get the most out of your fire alarm and to do this, we’ve answered five of the most frequently asked questions about fire alarm inspections.

1. Do we have to perform maintenance testing annually?

Yes, as per Ontario Fire Codes, testing of all systems is required to be performed before the day of the last annual inspection.

2. Do we need licensed technicians to perform these inspections?

Yes, all technicians require proper licenses for the fire alarm and sprinkler systems they test or repair.

3. Can our onsite maintenance personnel test smoke alarms themselves?

Non-licensed maintenance personnel may test single smoke alarms or CO’s as long as they are not interconnected.

4. Do our monitoring systems have to be tested annually?

Yes, as per CAN/ULC 561-13, all ULC Fire Monitoring Systems must be tested annually and the reports must be sent to the customer.

5. How long must I keep the annual maintenance reports on file?

The Ontario Fire Code states that annual maintenance reports must be kept on file for a period of two years and verification reports must be kept for the life of the system.

If you have any more questions about fire alarm inspections, get in touch with the experts at Regional Fire and Security Systems. As the best providers of fire alarms and security systems in the Greater Toronto Area, we can ensure you receive excellent products and services. We specialize in fire alarm and security solutions for high-rise and commercial buildings and have over thirty-five years of experience in installing these solutions. Our installation and maintenance experts are qualified and accredited professionals with an eye for perfection. So, there’s no reason to second guess our abilities!

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